The Fundamentals of Android Applications

The Fundamentals of Android ApplicationsWhile written in Java programming language, Androidapplications represent a compiled Java code that is packaged into an Android package known as an .apk file. Bundling application data in this way allows applications to be easily distributed for installation on mobile devices. Indeed, the .apk file is the file that users are required todownload and all the code in an .apk is essentially one application. In some ways, it can be said that Androidapplications are isolated applications. For example, Androidapplications run in their own Linux process which is started when the applications’ codes are executed and stops when the applications are no longer needed and system resources are utilized by different applications. Similarly, each process has a dedicated Java virtual machine (VM) such that one application’s codes run independently from the codes of other applications. And finally, each Android application is associated with a separate Linux user ID. This means that application files are seen only by the user in that particular application while there are still methods by which these files can be exported to other applications. This

Android Excels On The HTC Flyer And The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Android Excels On The HTC Flyer And The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 If we were taking a look at mobile phone handsets then HTC would be a name that many people regard as the bestavailable. There range encompasses most peoples needs from the entry level level Wildfire S phone to the extremely high specification Sensation handset. The Tablet market however is a different kettle of fish, with many established phone brands competing for market share with their very first or second edition models. The HTC Flyer is HTCs debut in this area so we thought it was only fair to compare this against a tablet that received its fair share of acclaim in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The huge difference between these two models is size with both covering different ends of the scale. The Flyer is pitched at the more portable end of the market thanks to its 7 inch screen which makes it perfect for slipping into a small handbag or even a very large pocket. This is in contrast to the

Android – Ready for Business

Android - Ready for BusinessAndroid is in the workplace. There has been recent news of organizations testing iPhones, iPads and Androids in the corporate environment, with many IT departments realizing that either employees are buying these preferred devices and feel more productive on them, or for some situations, there may be upside in having more open platforms with easy-to-use inputs and interfaces. In general, Android provides a more open platform, giving IT departments the ability to integrate their own apps more easily.

Enterprises want control
Security of data and networks is top priority. With a robust enterprise mobility platform and client for the Android, organizations can control which networks are offered, whether vendor-defined or their own. Directory updates should be pushed out automatically taking advantage of OTA functionality. A connection manager client should run in the background, and depending on the prioritization of networks for the device profile, can notify a user when an appropriate and safe Wi-Fi hotspot is available.

Connectivity can be managed and controlled for those networks. A good reporting tool can provide reports showing the number of sessions, usage statistics and service quality information

GPS Vs MP4 Player Vs Android Tablet: Tech Gadgets Guide

GPS Vs MP4 Player Vs Android TabletePeople have constantly been fascinated with technology and this obsession is manifested in the way folks make quite a vibe when a new tech widget comes out in the market. Just look at the number of contraption review websites, forums and online stores all devoted to tech gadgets and identical products.

Gone are the days when a gadget or gadget is actually capable of performing only one type of function. Tech devices today are packed with multiple functions and features, lots of which cross over or share functions with other contraptions. So that the question that will arise would be : The correct way to select the right tech gadget for the job.

Sought after Tech Gadgets with Cross Over Functions

The following are three popular tech gadgets that have multiple functions that are similar with one another.

* GPS or worldwide Positioning System tech gadgets have GPS tracking or receiving as its core function and almost all of its programming are design specifically for using GPS signals to plot directions on a graphical route map from one